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Sac Seller Says No Sale to Buyer With Relative as Agent

One of the things that I find completely endearing about selling Sacramento real estate is I can still be astonished, even given the obscene number of homes I've sold over my lifetime. You never hear it all. There is always some new twist or complication or challenge.

Today's challenge is how to handle it when the seller says he will not sell to a buyer who is represented by a relative. Not even on Thanksgiving will he loosen up. He is adament. And DNA agents are not protected classes in real estate.

On another note, I have a wire for our internet services sagging in the yard. The last time that happened, I called Consolidated and it took them 7 days to get out to repair it. 7 days of pure hell. No television, no internet. I can get by without TV, but not without internet. Hotspots are a PITA. I asked the service rep if they had any technicians who would moonlight for a turkey leg. When she finished laughing, she said nope, 7 days out. Happy Thanksgiving!

You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Sacramento Home Seller Says No DNA Buyer's Agents.

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