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When a Listing is Expired or Withdrawn from MLS

sacramento home listingsThere are times it makes sense to cancel a listing in MLS and put it back as a new listing. Maybe I'll relist it immediately or maybe I'll wait 30 days to remove the days on market and restart as a fresh listing. Not every Sacramento home listing sells right away, for a variety of reasons that may have little to do with price or condition. It might be the time of year. It might be demand. It might be location. It could be a host of things. Sometimes, a seller will want to remove a home from the market and not be home selling during the holidays. I support that decision because it's a big inconvenience for a small chance of reward. You know, it makes sense not to do it. I don't care what any agent says.

What I do care about is when agents call my sellers after we remove a home from the market. One of my former sellers in Land Park said his phone rang 32 times one night. It was a Sacramento real estate agent who was using an autodialer that had developed a glitch. When he did get through to my seller, the agent began to trash my seller's representation, which my seller then felt he had to vigorously defend. That's nuts.

Read more about how this works on my personal blog about Canceled Sacramento Home Listings.

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