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Why Do You Care About a Short Sale BPO?

short sale bpoMy client emailed this morning to ask me to explain the significance of a short sale BPO. She is in the middle of a Seterus HAFA short sale for her principal residence in Sacramento. Like with most HAFA short sales, they rely in part on the value of the short sale BPO, but they also contain other component restrictions: time frames and guidelines.

Because we are working with a bank trying to follow government guidelines, those time frames expire. Continually. Because bank negotiators typically cannot manage to multi-task. They also don't seem to understand the principle of cause and effect. So their short sale BPOs tend to expire over and over. Along with other time frames.

Read my personal blog about it: What is a Short Sale BPO, and tell me if you don't agree with what happened.

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