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Condition vs Location in Sacramento Real Estate

Every time I sell a home facing the freeway in Sacramento, I am amazed. It is difficult for me to wrap my head around the fact that buyers tend to prefer homes that are either newer or remodeled and don't seem to pay much mind to where they are located. Suppose it's because so many people go to work, come home, drive into the garage, lock the door.

I am amazed that the sellers bought the home in the first place, and amazed another buyer wants it as well. A seller whose home backed directly to railroad tracks and within reach of high tension electrical towers said she bought it because it was brand new and so pretty. I believe her, too. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Condition Trumps Location in Sacramento Real Estate.

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Elizabeth Weintraub is an author, home buying expert for About.com, a Land Park resident, and a veteran real estate agent who specializes in older, classic homes in Land Park, Curtis Park, Midtown and East Sacramento, as well as tract homes in Elk Grove, Natomas, Roseville and Lincoln. Weintraub is also a Sacramento Short Sale agent who lists and successfully sells short sales throughout the four-county Sacramento area with an emphasis on Elk Grove. Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. Put 40 years of real estate experience to work for you. Broker-Associate at Lyon Real Estate. BRE License # 00697006.

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Every time I sell a home facing the freeway in Sacramento, I am amazed. It is difficult for me to wrap my head around the fact that buyers tend to prefer homes that are either newer or remodeled and don't seem to pay much mind to where they are… more
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