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How a Southside Park Bungalow Went Pending So Fast

I worried a little bit when my seller said he planned to leave town and go to a place without cellphone or internet. He described the place of a friend who lives with a dead plant hanging over his kitchen sink for years. This would be bad to get a bunch of offers and not be able to call or email the seller.

Also, some of the buyers who appeared to be very interested were not putting pedal to the metal and signing an offer. They dragged their feet. Probably walking the neighborhood, talking to friends and family, trying to decide what to do.

While this was going on, of course, the buyer who did not hesitate wrote an offer and bought the house. You can see how this happened in my personal blog today at this link: How Long Did It Take to Sell a Southside Park Bungalow at 411 U Street?

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