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Oh, No, It Is the Hotel POOL WARS in Waikiki

Probably just as riveting as the reality shows featuring New Housewives of Wherever (are there really housewives anywhere in the world today? I mean, really, what a horrible name for a group of women, like caged monkeys), or perhaps, now that I pause, similar to the frenzied women who tear panties out of the hands of others at a Macy's lingerie sale, are the hotel pool wars in Waikiki.

We heard tales from the pool guards at the Mauna Surfrider when we stopped to ask about their policies as compared to those at Halekulani. I have visited many 5-star resorts all over the world, except in Cuba where those do not exist, and I have never witnessed such craziness as that which occurs at Halekulani, and apparently all of the other beach hotels in the bustling part of Waikiki.

You can read more and see more photos, hey, for her age, Hella looks pretty spectacular in a swimsuit, at this link in my personal blog today: The Deal With the Pool at Halekulani.


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Probably just as riveting as the reality shows featuring New Housewives of Wherever (are there really housewives anywhere in the world today? I mean, really, what a horrible name for a group of women, like caged monkeys), or perhaps, now that I… more
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