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Special Bed and Breakfast Near Kailua-Kona

You know how sometimes you feel pulled toward a certain place and don't know why? Or, maybe it's just my curious nature, wanting to stick my nose into every nook and cranny and look under rocks for crawling bugs. Sometimes you get places stuck in your head, too, like Tasmania, where I am going next year.

Although, after watching the Nanette comedy special several times, performed by Hannah Gadsby, I don't know if I will like the people there. She says they discriminate, and I don't care for that sort of attitude. Still, it will be interesting to experience an island occupied by mostly haters. Opposite of Hawaii.

Well, I feel eerily pulled toward Holualoa. Not to live there or anything but it's an interesting place. Maybe it reminds me of Nederland, Colorado, a small town up in the moutains where I used to live.

You can visit Holualoa on vacation, too, as there are several places to stay in town. For all budgets. Probably the nicest is the Holualoa Inn. You can see more photos and read more about this unique bed and breakfast in my personal blog today at this link: Zen Getaway at the Holualoa Inn.

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Special Bed and Breakfast Near Kailua-Kona
You know how sometimes you feel pulled toward a certain place and don't know why? Or, maybe it's just my curious nature, wanting to stick my nose into every nook and cranny and look under rocks for crawling bugs. Sometimes you get places stuck in… more
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