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Did You Get the New Pneumonia Vaccine Yet?

There were shortages at U C Davis a few months back, and probably everywhere, for the new pneumonia vaccine. Still can't even get the updated shingles vaccine; maybe next month, I hear. When I googled places to get vaccines in Kona, I was surprised to learn that Wal Mart and Safeway both offer this service.

Of course, as things go, I did not think about getting my shot until the opportunity presented itself. I am really good at jumping on opportunity when I see it. Even if I am unprepared, because you can't let opportunity pass you by or get hung up in the small details. Selling real estate is a good example of that premise. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Getting the New Pneumonia Vaccine at Kona Safeway.

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There were shortages at U C Davis a few months back, and probably everywhere, for the new pneumonia vaccine. Still can't even get the updated shingles vaccine; maybe next month, I hear. When I googled places to get vaccines in Kona, I was surprised… more
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