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Busiest Sacramento Tourist Spots Often Quiet on Fourth of July

My first plan was the Cosumnes River hike.  I was trying to think of places not too far away from our home in Land Park where my husband and I could go on the Fourth of July. Just to get out into the glorious summer day. He really dislikes driving long distances over holidays. The drivers irritate him immensely; whereas I barely acknowledge knuckleheads. Instead, I accept those drivers as a fact of life and just avoid them.

But my husband takes every move they make as a personal affront. He is also concerned a drunk driver, and those numbers grow over the holidays, will smack into our car. Not an unreasonable concern. So walking it was. Besides, most people were spending time at home, so perfect time for us to get out. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: A Lazy Fourth of July in Old Sacramento.

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Busiest Sacramento Tourist Spots Often Quiet on Fourth of July
My first plan was the Cosumnes River hike. I was trying to think of places not too far away from our home in Land Park where my husband and I could go on the Fourth of July. Just to get out into the glorious summer day. He really dislikes driving… more
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