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King Friday the 13th and Mister Rogers Neighborhood

One of the perks of being a frequent flyer between Sacramento and Kona is the opportunity to watch movies. Only because there is no WIFI on Hawaiian Airlines. Heck, this trip, Hawaiian Airlines didn't even send me an email to check in for my flight in Sacramento. Halfway through my day yesterday I realized, whoa, I have not obtained a boarding pass nor checked in because I did not get an email.

This is the strategy Hawaiian Airlines employs on return trips but not originating. I mean, who forgets to GO to Hawaii? (Besides me.) Because the corporate suits in charge of profit are probably hoping people have so much fun in Hawaii, they will forget to leave. If you don't think that is true, I have news for ya. And when that happens, that $200 change fee doesn't work in Hawaii for next-day flights.

I was a bit amazed at how many movies I had already seen. The pickings were fairly slim. Was fairly sure I would not even like the second movie I selected. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Short Review of Won't You Be My Neighbor?


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King Friday the 13th and Mister Rogers Neighborhood
One of the perks of being a frequent flyer between Sacramento and Kona is the opportunity to watch movies. Only because there is no WIFI on Hawaiian Airlines. Heck, this trip, Hawaiian Airlines didn't even send me an email to check in for my flight… more
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