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How to Get the Edge to Buy a Sacramento Short Sale

They -- that ubiquitous they -- say that California is the land of fruit and nuts. You hear crap like that all the time when you live in California. But let me tell you, a new Field Poll released Tuesday found that 91% of voters in California say our state economy totally sucks. I don't see any fruit or nuts in that bowl of cereal. Sounds like people know what's going on. Then you've got your 72% who say the economy will stay about the same or change, leaving 26% who hope it will improve -- and 2% who don't know which end is up.

Does this crappy economy mean you shouldn't buy a home? Depends. Depends on how secure your job is, I suppose. However, even without a job, you still have to live somewhere. When you look at prices today, in many Sacramento neighborhoods it makes more sense to buy than to rent. That's because your total PITI is most likely less than a rental payment. It's why investors are mad with desire to buy that home instead of you. Because they want to rent it out and pocket the cash flow.

Will our economy stay this way forever? Are we doomed? It will eventually change. It might even happen in your lifetime. The only thing constant about our economy is change. As a Sacramento short sale agent, I've got job security for the next 5 to 7 years, I figure. Short sales, I predict, will be around for a while. I've been doing short sales for the past 6 years, and I don't think I'm at the mid-point yet. There are just too many underwater homes in Sacramento.

If you're trying to buy a short sale in Sacramento and don't know what you can do to get the edge, here's my advice for you. Be that buyer who will wait for short sale approval and is committed to the transaction. Don't be a flake. Hire an experienced short sale buyer's agent. And don't be like an investor.

We received 2 offers yesterday for a Sacramento short sale. Offer A was a second offer from an investor. Her agent had submitted a previous offer but made so many mistakes and errors we were forced to ask for a rewrite. When the agent resubmitted the offer, the investor had changed the offer from all-cash to an offer with financing. That was OK. But she also lowered the price and offered less, which made little sense. I could see the other way around.

Offer B was from owner occupants. Or at least that was their story and they were sticking to it. They said they loved the home. They were willing to wait 3 months. They offered list price. So, you've gotta say to yourself, what will happen after the home inspection if you pick offer #A? Because Offer #A is from a person who thinks she can negotiate. A person who makes offers that are not based on common sense. There are no bank repairs on a short sale. Do you really want to deal with Offer A down the road?

The first-time home buyer got this home. Offer B.

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