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How Do You Define Full Time Sacramento Realtors?

Before I was a top agent in Sacramento, I used to look at the statistics for annual sales production and figure I'd never get into even the top 100. It's not that I had a defeatist attitude as some of you might think, it's just that it wasn't really important to me. I'm disclosing this little tidbit to all of you who truly believe that to be overwhelmingly successful means you need to focus on being successful. Sometimes success happens all by itself. Just hard work.

Back in the old days in southern Cal, like the 1970s, my real estate office used to track sales on a chalk board. We each had goals to obtain. Because without goals, we were directionless. Spittooey, I didn't need that kind of motivation. It was meaningless to me.

When I moved to Sacramento, I used to care that I sold enough to measure up to what I considered production worthy of a full-time agent in Sacramento, which is at least one sale a month. Anything less than that was unacceptable to me, under my own defined terms. One year, oops, I sold 150 homes, according to MLS. Which means it was probably more.

You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Who Are the Top 5 Agents in Sacramento Right Now?

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