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How Secure is Your Wireless Printer at Home?

While I dislike dealing with passwords, I now password-protect just about everything. In fact, I just discovered yesterday that my website has protocols that only 30% of the other websites have, which caused my VPN to block it. The company that hosts my website is fairly advanced. So the hosting company had to back down the IP a notch to allow VPN traffic through. I guess the VPN is not as sophisticated as it appears.

However, I simply refuse to put a password on my wireless printer in Hawaii because I'll undoubtedly screw it up. It's easier to just unplug the thing. But you would not believe what happened to me. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Do You Know Your Neighbor Can Print on Your Printer?

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While I dislike dealing with passwords, I now password-protect just about everything. In fact, I just discovered yesterday that my website has protocols that only 30% of the other websites have, which caused my VPN to block it. The company that… more
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