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Who is Gonna Pay the Seller to Take a Listing?

As I type that question, it seemed very straight forward. Like the answer is definitely: nobody. But the more I thought about it -- in between placing my curser in the text box and positioning my fingers on the correct keys on the keyboard to begin typing -- the more I realized that some agents are fairly desperate. And stupid.

In fact, I remember back in the days of short sales when I used to hear some unscrupulous sellers say they expected their agent to not only go through hell and back by negotiating their short sale, but they wanted the agent to slip them a few bucks on the side for good measure. I turned down those goofballs flat. That would be short sale sale mortgage fraud. It would also invalidate their personal release of liability under California Civil Code 580e.

But people get all sorts of ideas in their heads, and as many ideas as they can get, there are just as many agents who might think it's a good idea, even if it's against the law. So I suppose, in conclusion, there are some losers who would pay to take a listing. Bell curve and all. But not most agents in Sacramento.

You can read more about this proposed situation in my personal blog today at this link: Is Your Sacramento Realtor a Go Fund Me Source?

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