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Abandoning Lockboxes is a Terrible Way to Do Business

We decided a while back to put all of our Weintraub & Wallace lockboxes into one account. So went down to visit Metrolist and came back to my home office to discover my membership in MLS had been terminated -- by mistake. When I asked after-the-fact for the paperwork that the clerk forgot to give to me, it did not say my membership should be terminated, so I don't know why he did it. But I had to get it reversed. Like pronto.

Now that we have merged all of the lockboxes, we have to account for each of them. I have never lost a lockbox in my life, to the best of my knowledge. Never forgot to pick up a box. I certainly would not abandon a lockbox like some agents. Even when we bought our home in Land Park, now that I pause to reflect, that idiot agent left the lockbox on our house. After repeated calls to remove it, I finally cut it off with a reciprocrating saw. Took me a good 15 to 20 minutes of constant sawing.

You can read more about this from my partner, JaCi, in our personal blog today at this link: Some Realtors Do Not Follow Up With Other Sacramento Realtors.

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