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Anchorage, Alaska: the Last Leg of Our Alaska Vacation

Anchorage Rainbow from Captain Cook

If you have the option of a cruise through the Inside Passage coupled with a visit to Anchorage, my suggestion would be to visit Anchorage first and not last. It's a nice city, mostly rebuilt after flattened in the 1964 earthquake, but it's not a lifestyle centered on water like the Inside Passage.

Alaska Train Along Waterfront

This park where the train runs along the water was a short walk from our hotel, Captain Cook, where there is no such thing as room service for breakfast, believe it or not. Where you might go to drop a few hundred on dinner for three at the rooftop restaurant Crow's Nest, only to be served by the poor hostess because the waitresses quit, and when you order 1 1/2 pounds of Alaska king crab legs, they bring you a half pound and a glass of Pinot Noir because it sounds so much like Pinot Griego.

Eisenhower Statehood Monument

The Eisenhower Statehood Monument is the focus of this picture, although, you can see they have not trimmed any of the vegetation that covers the plaque describing the monument and its purpose.

Alaska Museum

Here is a silly woman with wild untamed hair making soap bubbles at the Anchorage Museum.

Adam and Elizabeth in INfrared

Same silly woman standing next to her husband with the camera under the infrared exposure, also at the Anchorage Museum. By the time we got to this spot, let me tell you, we were ready to come back to Sacramento.

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Anchorage, Alaska: the Last Leg of Our Alaska Vacation
If you have the option of a cruise through the Inside Passage coupled with a visit to Anchorage, my suggestion would be to visit Anchorage first and not last. It's a nice city, mostly rebuilt after flattened in the 1964 earthquake, but it's… more
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