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When Home Sellers Love White Walls in Sacramento

Looking for unicorn buyers is always a bit more tough than appealing to the masses for a Sacramento Realtor. But once you know the sellers' parameters and expectations, you either accept the job or decline. As a Realtor, I generally accept. Even when I suspect it may take longer to sell the house.

Which is the case with the Sacramento remodeled house with white walls. The sellers picked that particular shade of white and love it. It is very sterile looking. Perhaps colorful artwork would help to brighten up the spaces? But I don't think a buyer will walk into that house and exclaim they need to write an offer today because most buyers will want to repaint. Repainting costs money that buyers cannot visualize. I've heard buyers say they think it costs $25,000 to paint the interior so they want that much off of the sales price.

If the condition of the home is not "turnkey" in a buyer's mind, it tends to cost the seller. Buyers do NOT want to paint. It's enough work to buy a house. They just want to move in.

At a point, though, as a Realtor, you have to decide: will you list it or not? Sure. I can predict managing emotions when they don't get the price they want, and it's extra work for me, yet the things to constantly focus upon is it is not my house and not my equity at stake. Sellers are allowed to love their white walls. It's OK.

It doesn't mean that I don't see what they do not. It means I somehow failed to get them to see it. It means they won't like the buyers' / buyer's agent feedback. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: The Best Colors to Paint the Interior of Your Sacramento Home.

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