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What You Don't Know About Selling Fixer Homes

Some sellers cannot believe it when I share details about the huge market for fixer homes in Sacramento. They judge the home based on their own standards. They often apologize for the condition, even if it's a home they just inherited. Quitely, they wonder if anybody will buy it and, if they would, they imagine the price being rock bottom.

There is also a huge plethora of investors in Sacramento who want to buy fixer homes. They run the gamut as well. Some have a lot of experience and a strict formula for profit. Others have more leeway. Still others have found interesting ways to cut costs of construction.  Some obviously have no idea what they are doing. And you'll run into all of these folks selling a fixer home.

Over the decades, this has become one of my specialities. Some agents rarely sell a fixer home. Others, like me, seem to attract those listings, and at least I know how to handle these sales.

You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: 5 Professional Tips for Selling Fixer Homes in Sacramento.

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