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Advising Sellers to Let the Buyers Cancel, Again

Even though I have said it time and time again, that when a fixer home is sold AS IS we are NOT renegotiating, buyers either do not believe me or their memories are short. I hear all of the "stories" going into escrow. The assurances from the buyer's agent that the buyers are serious and seasoned flippers who know what they are getting into. That the buyers have thoroughly walked through the property, meaning they have penciled the transaction and it works for them. When sometimes they don't look at the property at all, and those assurances are lies.

We just closed escrow on a fixer home sold AS IS in Citrus Heights. I had to sell this house 3 times.

The guy who ended up closing, the third buyer for this property, also tried to renegotiate just prior to closing. They all seem to do it. His agent said the buyer would like a $10,000 credit to remove the personal property left behind. I pointed out to the agent that the confidential agent remarks stated all personal property would remain with the home. Even the marketing comments stated it was an AS IS sale and all personal property stays, even though I know our vigilant MetroList might not agree that those sort of comments are "marketing," sometimes I take my chances.

Of course, the agent's retort when faced with those facts was to say MLS doesn't count. And it doesn't count. Unless you're sitting in front of a judge reading both the marketing and confidential remarks to determine whether the buyer's agent had a legal duty to READ the information in MLS. It would also be tough to say the buyer was unaware since it was plastered online everywhere.

You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Selling a House Three Times to Get Paid Once.

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