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Awesome Home Closes Escrow in the City of Davis

This will be a good month for closings for me, as a few rolled over from October to join my inventory of pending sales for November closings. Other agents who work in Yolo County must have noticed how well I've been doing, too. As a result, an anonymous agent whined to MetroList about one of my pending listings. I know because MetroList emailed me yesterday to ask for proof that I had a listing and a pending sale in Yolo County, specifically in West Sacramento, because some doofus thought I would be careless enough or stupid enough not to prepare the correct paperwork.

Well, maybe that's how that agent would do business, but not this Sacramento Realtor. Some random agent filed a MetroList complaint, the idiot. Don't those guys have anything else to do? Probably not. I dot my I's and I cross my T's and play by the rule book. In fact, I just finished my Ethics Course, which is required for all Realtors to take every 4 years, and I scored a 100% on the final exam. How do you like those apples?

Agents can whine all they want, but it won't change a thing. Won't change the fact either that I just closed a spectacular transaction in the City of Davis and my sellers are thrilled with my performance. You can read more about this in my personal blog today at this link: Listing in Davis Sells at Remarkable Price for Original Condition.

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