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5 Bedroom in Rocklin, CA, at 2705 Pecan Ct

Your Rocklin Realtor has a new listing in Rocklin at 2705 Pecan Ct. My team member Barbara was very busy while I was in Spain, shooting photographs, taking measurements, and working on getting our new listing input into MLS because I obviously could not undertake all of those details from Europe. At least I got to engage in a lengthy conversation with the sellers before leaving town.

That's the thing about selling real estate during my wor-cations. I can't always talk on the phone at great lengths. Although I did just discover when I reserved a new iPhone 7 Plus yesterday that I could have made phone calls from Spain at 20 cents a minute. That would have been only $12.00 for an hour-long phone call, and well worth it to be able to talk person-to-person. But fortunately, many people don't like to talk on the phone anymore. I'm gonna remember this next time, tho.

You can read more about my new listing and see all the photographs at this link in my personal blog today: Rocklin Realtor Presents 2705 Pecan Ct for Sale.

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Elizabeth Weintraub is an author, home buying expert for About.com, a Land Park resident, and a veteran real estate agent who specializes in older, classic homes in Land Park, Curtis Park, Midtown and East Sacramento, as well as tract homes in Elk Grove, Natomas, Roseville and Lincoln. Weintraub is also a Sacramento Short Sale agent who lists and successfully sells short sales throughout the four-county Sacramento area with an emphasis on Elk Grove. Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. Put 40 years of real estate experience to work for you. Broker-Associate at Lyon Real Estate. BRE License # 00697006.

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5 Bedroom in Rocklin, CA, at 2705 Pecan Ct
Your Rocklin Realtor has a new listing in Rocklin at 2705 Pecan Ct. My team member Barbara was very busy while I was in Spain, shooting photographs, taking measurements, and working on getting our new listing input into MLS because I obviously could… more
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