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You've gotta wonder about how some real estate brokers in Placer County manage to get away without supervising as required by our licensing entity in California. My team just emerged from a nightmare of an escrow, the details of which I did not hear about until after it closed, involving one of my dear clients. My transaction coordinator, alongside my buyer's agent managed to step-over the drama and get it closed. They also kept the drama away from my client, which is why I didn't hear about it.


By the time I heard about the scuffles, it was to request to fix the way the brokerage incorrectly closed out the file. The listing agent said it was out of his control because his broker hired an unlicensed person, a TC, to manage the office. If so, it's in violation of California real estate law. You can be a TC without holding a real estate license, although most of the TCs I know are licensed. But a TC cannot manage a real estate office and make decisions that require a license without passing an exam and qualifying at the California Bureau of Real Estate, which is governed by the Department of Consumer Affairs.


Be careful, as an agent, if you run across situations like this in Sacramento or Placer Counties. Red flags should go up. You might even consider reporting violations of unlicensed activity to the CalBRE. Here is a link to file a complaint at the California Bureau of Real Estate.


Fortunately, the good transactions tend to make up for the bad. You can read more about this in my personal blog today at this link: I Wish All of My Sacramento Escrows Were Like This One.

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