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End of Season Vegetables From Our Land Park Garden

My girlfriend in Texas read my personal blog this morning and emailed to ask why we didn't freeze our tomatoes. Just pluck the stems, she suggested with such great sincerity, wash, dry and slip into a Ziplock freezer bag. Like I want to do that much work. Sure, I hear my mother's voice about the starving children in China, but we left them on our counter to rot. Shame on us.

That means we'll probably toss them into the trash when we get home this morning. It's time to leave San Francisco and head back to Sacramento. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: The Last of the Produce From our Land Park Garden.

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End of Season Vegetables From Our Land Park Garden
My girlfriend in Texas read my personal blog this morning and emailed to ask why we didn't freeze our tomatoes. Just pluck the stems, she suggested with such great sincerity, wash, dry and slip into a Ziplock freezer bag. Like I want to do that… more
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