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Try a Tiki Lounge for Brunch in Midtown Sacramento

We had originally stopped by the Jungle Bird shortly after this restaurant / bar opened in Midtown last fall, but it was a Sunday, and the place was closed. Not anymore! Now, just in time for Memorial Day, the place is open for Sunday brunch. Fortunately, for me, it's a few blocks down from my real estate office at 28th and J Streets.

Apparently, tiki lounges are on the rise across the country. This place even promotes a cocktail called the Three Hour Tour, ha, ha, ha. It costs $100, serves 6: two kinds of rum, champagne, vodka, orange, pineapple and lime, passion fruit and honey. You can read more and see more photos in my personal blog today at this link: Brunch at the Jungle Bird in Sacramento.

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We had originally stopped by the Jungle Bird shortly after this restaurant / bar opened in Midtown last fall, but it was a Sunday, and the place was closed. Not anymore! Now, just in time for Memorial Day, the place is open for Sunday brunch… more
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