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How Long to Sell a Pool Home in West Sacramento?

A West Sacramento seller I've been talking to since early March, which was two trips ago while in Hawaii, has now decided to sell. He owns a pool home in West Sacramento, one of my favorite specialities to sell. That's because people who are buying a pool home generally have their hearts set on a pool home. Everybody's happy.

So, the first thing I did was to call the agent who represented the backup buyer who did not get to buy my last listing of a pool home in West Sacramento, and put her on notice this listing is coming.

Interestingly, I long ago wrote an article for About.com, which is now The Balance under Dot Dash, about swimming pool homes in which I made the observation about the 3 types of people who consider pool homes:

  1. People who would never buy a pool home
  2. People who really love pools and are completely focused on buying a pool home
  3. And those who never thought about it one way or the other.

The buyers I like to focus on are #2. They are the most dedicated, committed and will pay top dollar. Which is what happened when I sold this pool home in West Sacramento. It closed last Thursday. You can read more about the inner workings of that sale at this link in my personal blog today: The Story of Closing a Pool Home in West Sacramento.

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