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My Last 3 Weeks in Hawaii Were Very Productive

This particular trip to Hawaii I did not make it to the beach. The days I had planned to go, it rained. But there will be other days and other trips. It is OK. I was able to focus on my Sacramento real estate business and missed all of the cold weather and rainstorms in Sacramento. While I initially thought my last 3 weeks in Hawaii were relatively slow in terms of market conditions, I actually accomplished quite a bit.

Looking at MLS, I see I listed / relisted 8 homes, put 3 into pending status and working on a couple more offers. Closed about a half dozen, and scheduled a bunch of appointments to visit sellers next week for pre-listing inspections.

I only turned down 2 listings. Not because I wasn't in Sacramento but because the sellers were not a good fit for my personality. One guy demanded a price way higher than he's ever gonna get, said he has bipolar tendancies, lives in Thailand and is suing his former agent. The other couple had too much drama coming out the wazoo and one of them allegedly is addicted to meth or coke. No, don't need that in my life

You can read more and see more photos in my personal blog today at this link: Overview and Photos of a Sacramento Realtor's Last 3 Weeks in Hawaii.

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