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Buying a Paddle Board is a Personal Experience

When you buy a new car, most people would test drive the vehicle prior to purchase, right? So, I think it only makes sense to try out a new paddle board before buying. All paddle boards are not the same. When you don't really know anything about a paddle board, you might not realize you should demo. I surely did not.

Further, when you notice paddle boards on the water, most of them are a certain length, and rounded at the front, a typical width, and those would be the types of boards available at many rental places and resorts. My distant goals, ever since I first climbed aboard a paddle board, was to buy an SUV to transport the board and to buy my very own paddle board. Little did I realize at the time I formed that vision this would happen in Hawaii.

It's an experience, however, I planned to share with my husband, the guy who doesn't give a hoot about paddle boards. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Tips for Buying a Paddle Board in Kona, Hawaii.

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