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When Sacramento Realtors Take the Day Off

Yesterday, I made one phone call related to Sacramento real estate business. Which is slow for a weekday. A fellow with an investment property to sell seems to have read an article I wrote about tenants in common and desires to sell his rental in Sacramento. For some reason he picked up my contact information through Z although my name is sufficient to find me. Say what you guys want about Z, heh, heh. Although he did not answer his phone.

Thursdays are often a good day to plan an activity when I won't be subject to a ton of calls and emails. Besides, I spent a good hour on the phone with the corporate office at Lowes. Explaining that the manager of the store here in Kona cannot do the job of his coordinator AND manage the store, and his coordinator is on "leave." When I asked if he has checked on the shipment of our overdue shower accessories, he responded: "it didn't arrive in FedX today." I wanted to scream: But did it SHIP?

But, because we are in Hawaii, and I have the ability to find out this answer myself, I did not respond in that manner. Besides, what good would it do? No point in upsetting people who are trying to help, as inept as that help might be.

You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Realtor Day Off at A-Bay Waikoloa, Hawaii.

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When Sacramento Realtors Take the Day Off
Yesterday, I made one phone call related to Sacramento real estate business. Which is slow for a weekday. A fellow with an investment property to sell seems to have read an article I wrote about tenants in common and desires to sell his rental in… more
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