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Why Buying a Car in Hawaii is Somewhat Difficult

Well meaning people will tell you all sorts of things about buying a car in Hawaii. Several have suggested that I purchase a much older car because somehow I guess they think I would prefer to drive an already rusted-out vehicle. No, thank you, I would like to watch my brand new car slowly rust away myself. (There is also a dealer option called electromagnetic corrosion protection, that I hope is more than the tap of a magic wand.)

Others have suggested I lease a car because then I can continue to pay $6,000 a year in lease payments for the rest of my life, yet always drive a new vehicle every 5 years. None of those options is workable for me. I'd rather buy a reliable car that is new and not overly expensive nor dirt cheap.

But what a learning experience it has been. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Buying a Car in Hawaii vs. Shipping a Car From California.

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Well meaning people will tell you all sorts of things about buying a car in Hawaii. Several have suggested that I purchase a much older car because somehow I guess they think I would prefer to drive an already rusted-out vehicle. No, thank you, I… more
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