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Photos of Things to Do at Waikoloa Beach

About 7 years ago I discovered that I could visit Hawaii and still sell real estate back home in Sacramento, meaning I did not have to be present in Sacramento to list or sell or close my sellers' homes. In fact, in some ways, I was even more focused, especially when I was on vacation by myself.

Usually I spend 2 weeks to 6 weeks at a time in Hawaii. In 2015, I stayed at the Marriott in a cabana at Waikoloa Beach. This is hands down one of the nicest spots on the ocean in Big Island. I wandered all over. Didn't need a car when I could walk.

Since my husband had only been to a few stores in this area during an earlier trip, I thought it would be nice to spend our last day together at Waikoloa Beach, just so he could see it for himself. Of course, although he is going home to Sacramento today, I am staying for another week. It's not yet time for me to depart the islands. You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: Photos of Wailoloa Beach with Eels and Spotted Eagle Rays.

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Photos of Things to Do at Waikoloa Beach
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