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Should You Fix It Or Replace a Printer?

It seems that wireless home printers are coming the way of the razor. There is little to no value in the hardware anymore. They can make it so cheaply by reducing the quality of the product that you can just replace it rather than fix it and not be ticked off about it.


You don't say: Hey, I spent XYZ on this product, and now it doesn't work. I want my money back.


No, no, you say: Oh what the hell, I'll just buy new.


They count on that. That attitude was very evident to me when I walked into Best Buy at Mall of America with my sister to buy a new printer for her. I mean, I've always known the money in printers is in the cartridges, but it was splashed all over the advertising. The manufacturers were offering memberships in printer ink clubs. Discounts if you signed up now.


Was it unreasonable of me to ask our sales clerk to transport the printer on the back rung of his motorized wheelchair? I didn't think so. It was heavy, and I'm an old person. You can read more in my personal blog today about more adventures in Minneapolis at this link: When It Is Cheaper To Buy a New Printer.

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Should You Fix It Or Replace a Printer?
It seems that wireless home printers are coming the way of the razor. There is little to no value in the hardware anymore. They can make it so cheaply by reducing the quality of the product that you can just replace it rather than fix it and not be… more
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